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Detour to Agape by R. F. Whong

Once I make friends with a book’s characters, I enjoy keeping up with them, so I like sequels in a book series. Detour to Agape by R. F. Whong is a sequel to Blazing China. In this Christian Fiction Romantic Suspense, my favorite character, Su-Ann—Nana Lee—returns. She is an inspiration as she shares the love of Christ without judgement to saint and sinner alike. Readers of Blazing China also get to check-in on Su-Ann’s granddaughter, Ann-Ann and a young entrepreneur Yao Chen, who is like a grandson. In Blazing China, while searching blindly for love and happiness, Ann-Ann and Yao stumbled down many wrong paths until Su-Ann led them to Christ in the first book. In Detour to Agape, they work diligently to be the people Christ desires.

For Su-Ann’s eightieth birthday, Leesan, her daughter-in-law, had booked a six-person family trip to Egypt, the Holy Land, and Turkey. A medical issue causes four of the family members to drop out. If Ann-Ann, Yao, and two of Yao’s acquaintances hadn’t filled the spots the trip would have been canceled. Yao’s acquaintances skip most of the sightseeing, leaving the group wondering, why they agreed to take the vacancies? Is there more to Shawn and Margie than meets the eye?

As the reader enjoys the relationships and the effect visiting the Holy Land has on transforming the characters, even the nonbeliever, the author provides information regarding the locations the group visits. Discussions regarding human trafficking pop up. Situations heat up until they hit intense in the last several chapters.

Detour to Agape can be read as a stand-alone book, but the reader will have a better understanding of the characters if Blazing China is read first. I received Detour to Agape as an Advanced Reader Copy for my honest review. I highly recommend the book.

Detour to Agape can be purchased on Amazon.


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