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God Is Faithful

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Jesus laid the story of The Lion Within upon my heart to remind people of the disaster that awaits when our hearts turn away from God. But our loving God is faithful, and He will welcome us back when we seek Him.

Jesus doesn't use the strongest or the bravest. He uses the most faithful.

The year is 2078. The United World Order has outlawed the practice of or discussion of all religions and gods. Breaking the law can result in execution. Join Rory Rydell as she risks her life to learn more about this Jesus who sacrificed His life for all of mankind.

Some quotes from The Lion Within-

"His words resonated with her. The emptiness she’d kept trying to fill was God’s absence from her life.”

“By dwelling on what you expect to happen, you experience the trial many times, instead of once when and if it occurs.”

“He [God] gives you your desire. When you reject him, he allows you to do it. He removes his presence,

and torment is what’s left. Kind of like how darkness is the absence of light. Torment is the absence of God.”

I pray that God uses The Lion Within speak to the hearts of all who read it.

The Lion Within is available on Amazon. Click here to check it out.

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Dec 03, 2021

This is an awesome book, makes you think and she is an excellent story teller. LOVED this book.

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