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Persevere With Power by Samuel Rodriguez Review

Updated: Jan 18

Persevere With Power: What Heaven Starts, Hell Cannot Stop is a thought-provoking, dynamic guide into the lives of Elijah and Elisha—two of the greatest prophets of the Bible—and the God behind them. The prophets lived and prophesied during dark times. They risked their lives to speak out for God. Samuel Rodriguez includes background information that allows readers a deeper understanding of the times and events surrounding these prophets’ lives.

The author also shares his own experiences—times when he struggled while he was under attack—and how with God’s help he overcame. The good news is that we can overcome also. He equips readers to communicate with God and arise victorious over our circumstances.

Below are several important reminders that Samuel expands upon in the book-

· God is in control even when evil surrounds us

· Even the most devout prophet, faces times of depression and fear

· You must put in the work to reap the rewards

· God sees your faithfulness even if no one else does

· You must step out in faith to receive the miracles

· The more we trust God and step out in faith, the easier it becomes

· God still performs miracles

The book is designed with thoughtful questions at the end of each chapter. It can easily be a used in Bible Study classes.

I highly recommend that you read Persevere With Power. The book is available on Amazon. Click here to see more.

To purchase The Lion Within by Angela L Gold, click here for buying options.

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