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Review of My Life with Karma by Travis Sackett

My Life with Karma is an eye-opening story about rebuilding life after drug addiction, mental illness, and incarceration. Against all odds, Travis Sackett pulled himself out of the depths of the darkness of addiction and has shared his story to encourage others who find themselves in a similar situation that they too can rise triumphant. I recommend reading this book.

The story chronicles the author’s life from his early life growing up with an abusive alcoholic father, to his rise as a member of law enforcement, and then to his fall due to an addiction to opioids for chronic pain. During his addiction period, he rescued an abused dog that he named Karma and lovingly nursed back to health. During the darkest days of his life, Karma’s unconditional love saved him, giving him the will to recover.

He later learned that he also suffered from mental illness which contributed to his original addiction as well as to a few set-backs during his recovery and probation period. It took a few misdiagnoses before he was finally diagnosed correctly.

The story is raw and courageous as he openly admits his mistakes and accepts responsibility for his actions.

Reading Travis’s story has caused me to ponder our justice system. Before, I thought people who were caught for committing crimes were prosecuted, served their time, and then their slate was wiped clean and they could start over. This book allowed me to see that it is not that simple. Those who have been convicted have difficulty securing employment. If they are lucky enough to find a job, many don’t have transportation because their financial resources have been depleted after legal fees, court fees, and time served without earning an income. Some would say those are the consequences of their actions. However, if the probation process could include meetings similar to Alcoholics Anonymous to provide mental support, partner with employers who are willing to give those who have served their time employment, and provide transportation until they can get on their feet that the probation process would be more successful. Society would benefit if we can help those who have served their time become productive citizens. Just a thought.

Congratulations, Travis, for overcoming such impossible odds and best of luck to you in the future.

Angela L Gold is the author of The Lion Within.

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