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Review of The Man Called Messiah by Corey Stumne

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

The book transports the reader to the time of the arrest, scourging, crucifixion, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. The Bible presents us with the facts of these events but doesn’t explain the horror of the terms. During the time that the accounts were written for the New Testament, the people knew exactly what scourging and crucifixion entailed so they didn’t need the additional descriptions. For those who are unfamiliar with the terms, Corey Stumne gives a graphic account. His narrative is similar to those I have heard from theologians who have extensively researched the subject.

The author also includes the points of view of various participants, such as Jesus, Peter, John, Judas, Mary—the mother of Jesus—Mary Magdalene, and Pilate. Based on what the Bible tells us of these people, the thoughts are plausible.

As an author of Christian Fiction, I understand the responsibility to portray the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit accurately, and I spend a lot of time in prayer and pour over Scripture when sections of my story involve the Trinity. After reading this book, I would say that the author did the same for this novel. I would also venture to say that writing the book was emotionally draining for the author. Kudos to Corey Stumne.

I recommend reading The Man Called Messiah from the standpoint that I believe when we have a better understanding of exactly what Jesus endured for us, we appreciate our salvation more. With that said, it was difficult to read, because I hate that Jesus had to endure horrific torture for us.

The Man Called Messiah is available from Amazon.

Review by Angela L Gold, author of The Lion Within

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