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Take the Heavy Lifting Out of Laundry

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Do you continue to use liquid laundry detergent in order to get in some weight bearing exercise whenever you do laundry? Do you have a ridiculously large laundry room and need the plastic jugs to take up space? If you answered no to either of the questions, have you ever considered laundry detergent strips? Packaged in recyclable cardboard, they are more environmentally friendly than recyclable plastic jugs. Even laundry detergent pods are normally packaged in plastic jugs. You will not firm your muscles or take up extra space with laundry strips. Laundry strips also leave less of a carbon footprint than liquid laundry detergent or pods, but will strips get your laundry clean?

Intrigued with the idea of laundry strips, I researched reviews of several brands on Amazon. Initially, I chose Tru Earth Eco strips in the fresh linen scent. The strips came in a package of 32 strips and were about three times as expensive as the liquid soap I used. They were offered for a discount if I would have signed up for a subscription, but I never enroll in subscriptions. The packaging suggested that the strip be placed in the soap dispenser of the washing machine. Some of the reviewers had stated that the strips didn’t always dissolve completely in the dispenser and left goo. These reviewers suggested tearing the sheet into strips and throwing them into the tub with the laundry. Utilizing the tearing method, I never find residue from undissolved strips on my laundry or in the washer tub. Continuing my routine of pretreating stains, the strips cleaned my laundry as well as the liquid I previously used. The Tru Earth strips state they are vegan friendly and paraben-free.

I now use Lazy Coconuts Eco-friendly Detergent Strips. The Lazy Coconut strips came with 48 strips and were a few dollars less than the Tru Earth 32 strips. The packaging states that the strips are paraben-free, phosphate-free, phthalate-free, dye-free, bleach-free, and vegan. The package says they are fragrance free, but I detect a subtle pleasant scent to the strips. I don’t notice the fragrance on my laundry. In my opinion both brands cleaned equally well. I switched the Lazy Coconuts strips because they were more economical.

I adjust the amount of detergent I use based on the size of the load. For a small load, I use half of a strip, a full strip for a medium load, and a strip and a half for a large load.

As empty nesters, I don’t have nearly as much laundry as when our daughters were home, and a package of 48 strips will last me almost three months. To reduce my carbon footprint, I feel justified in splurging on the detergent strips.

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