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Thank you for visiting my website. After spending my life being responsible and collecting a steady paycheck, I started following my passion when my husband and I retired a few years early. We left the comfort of our suburb in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas and moved to the Pacific Northwest. We left our children, siblings, friends, and everyone we knew. As we packed the truck to drive northwest, I had a hard time catching my breath. What were we doing? We sold our home of over twenty years and gave away or disposed of all our furnishings and most of our possessions. In addition, we added a socially challenged Bichon Frise to our lives. At that point, going with the move was easier than undoing it. It turned out that the small coastal town provided the perfect setting to inspire writing. There is nothing like a walk on the beach to start the creative juices flowing.

The unknown always frightened me, and moving cross country catapulted me into the unknown. But honestly, we need curveballs to teach us to step up to the plate and swing with all our might. Sometimes we’ll strike out, sometimes we’ll get a base hit, but every now and then we’ll hit the ball out of the park. These challenges are necessary to learn, grow, and discover just who we are. I use this lesson to develop complex characters who struggle with difficult decisions, just like we do.

Completing The Lion Within was beyond rewarding. I am hard at work on my next book. With the many great books available, I appreciate each of you who gave of your time to read my novel.

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