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A believer in Jesus Christ, Angela L Gold writes suspenseful stories to answer her calling to share Christ’s love through writing. She takes the privilege and responsibility that goes into creating Christian Fiction seriously. Angela prays over her writing, studies the Bible, and constantly strives to improve her writing skills. She is grateful for the opportunity to share hope through Christ in her stories.

Indoor top rope rock climbing taught Angela L Gold a few life lessons. “After unsuccessfully trying to muscle my way past a difficult section on a rock wall route, I often found if I changed my angle of approach or explored holds that seemed less viable, the impossible suddenly became possible, even easy. This holds true with life’s obstacles. If we change our perspective to search for ways that we can overcome challenges instead of allowing the situation to bind us, we can rise victorious. I weave these principles into my stories to help readers view their problems in the same way.”


Have you ever wondered if you are good enough to call yourself a child of God? Angela L Gold has too. When you find yourself in the midst of a storm, attacked from every side, have you ever questioned if Jesus is really there? She has. Jesus has never failed Angela, and she believes He will never fail you. The characters in her books ask these same questions.

Do not let Angela L Gold’s characters’ witty dialogue convince you she demonstrates the same gift when engaging in an in-person conversation. She would if only she could edit life’s discussions a week or month later like she does a manuscript.


More about Angela L Gold


  • Married to the love of her life, Jay, for over 40 years

  • Mother to two beautiful adult daughters and Lala to one handsome grandson

  • Born and raised in an Oklahoma town with a population of 300

  • Lived in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for 36 years

  • Living the dream in Southern Coastal Oregon

  • Fun fact – When they sold their home in Texas, they lowered the median age of the neighborhood and subsequently lowered the median age of the neighborhood they relocated to in Oregon. Their neighbors call them kids.

  • Avid vicarious traveler through books

  • In awe of the beauty of the Pacific Northwest

  • Enjoys beachcombing for sea glass—mermaid coins, sand dollars, sea shells, and cool rocks, hiking the trails in Oregon and Northern California, and indoor rock climbing

  • Always carries extra snacks when hiking just in case she encounters Sasquatch and he is hangry


Thank you for checking out my website. I would love to hear what books you are reading. If you would like to share, email me at

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