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Intrigued with stories such as young David defeating Goliath and Gideon’s victory of over 100,000 Midianite soldiers with merely 300 Israelite warriors, a young Angela Gold took note that God equipped those for success who were willing to follow Him. For as long as she can remember, she has desired to write stories of hope and faith featuring characters who overcome insurmountable odds.

Growing up in a small Oklahoma town with a population of 300, Angela was not exposed to much diversity. Reading provided a necessary outlet to discover different lands, cultures, and most importantly, ideas.

As stories swirled in her head, she pushed them aside while she worked full-time and cared for her awesome husband, Jay, and two amazing daughters, Jaime and Courtney.

Early retirement along with a move from Texas to Coastal Oregon provided time to devote to writing. Now she is addicted.

An avid lover of fiction, Angela believes good fiction immerses the reader into situations they otherwise might never consider and introduces them to new perspectives. After all, it is impossible to take too many breathtaking fictional adventures!