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Writing Christian Fiction is a privilege as well as a responsibility that Angela Gold takes seriously. She prays constantly as she crafts imperfect characters encumbered with baggage because honestly, the most interesting people are. When the characters plunge into seemingly impossible situations, they must dig deep to make the right choice or at least attempt to recognize what the right choice looks like. And then just as they lose their grip, they realize the hand of Jesus has supported them all along. And since Jesus loves to see us laugh and enjoy life, humor must be peppered throughout the stories.  

While a working wife and mother, Angela dabbled at writing. Her lifelong dream had always been to write a suspense novel. Reading secular novels often left her desiring more. When she started writing seriously, she quickly knew that she had to do more than just sprinkle a little of God’s love in the story. The love of God had to be woven integrally into the very fabric of the novel, and The Lion Within was born.

When not reading or writing, Angela can be found hiking trails or the beach on the Oregon Coast where she lives with her husband. She also enjoys trips to Texas and Oklahoma to visit family and friends. And she loves receiving messages from readers. You can contact her by email at

Angela believes good fiction immerses readers into situations they otherwise might never consider and introduces them to new perspectives. Pick up one of her books, and get ready to enjoy a breathtaking fictional adventure!


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