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The Lion Within

ISBN: 9798517039545


Life under the restrictive government of the United World Order is the only life twenty-one-year-old physician student Rory Rydell has known. Her family proves that poverty is alive and well, despite the Order’s claims. They can no longer afford the medication her younger sister desperately needs. But it may not matter. The medication isn’t relieving her symptoms. Without a miracle, she will die. But miracles are outlawed by the Order.

Any mention of a higher power is punishable by execution. So, when a near-death experience brings Rory more questions than answers, she is too scared to ask them. Then, a comatose patient regains consciousness to recruit her to lead a rebellion against the Order. She believes she has lost her mind, but could the strange things happening to her be real? Rory must decide what’s true and take a stand on something worth dying for. Can she sacrifice her life and the lives of those she loves to pay the price of freedom?