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Preacher on the Run by Jayna Baas - Review

Updated: 7 days ago

"Trusting God when you can't see is hard. But the Bible talks about walking in darkness. We've done that, you and I. And that's the best kind of faith, because it's been tested." Magdalen Boothe quote in Chapter 50 of Preacher on the Run.

Preacher on the Run is a gripping story about struggling to keep one's faith when surrounded by injustice and danger. Jayna Baas's book serves as a reminder that our forefathers believed so strongly in the freedoms outlined in the Bill of Rights that they risked and/or sacrificed their lives to ensure these rights for future generations.


The author's research brings history to life as she immerses the reader in dangerous events leading up to the Revolutionary War.

The book paces itself in the beginning as the characters are introduced. But then when the action picks up, it unfolds rapidly and intensely.


The characters are well developed. Those who experienced redemption and inspirational transformations were some of my favorites. I also enjoyed the Biblical themes and how the characters came to terms with God allowing them to suffer.


After reading this book, I counted my blessings that I live in modern times in a country that protects my freedoms. I am looking forward to the sequel, Patriot at the River, scheduled to release in September 2024.

Check out Preacher on the Run available on Amazon.

Review by Angela L Gold, author of The Lion Within and Kill Shot.




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