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The Crevice Review

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

I am working on the second book in the Power Unleashed series.

On September 1, 2021, the ebook format of The Lion Within will be listed at its regular price of $2.99. If you have not purchased it yet, you may wish to do so while it is still at the discounted price of $0.99. If you are enrolled in Kindle Unlimited, you can read it for free. Below is an Amazon Associate paid link to The Lion Within.

If you are looking for a book to read while you are waiting for the second book in the Power Unleashed series, you might consider The Crevice by Janice Boekhoff.

A former Research Geologist turned author, Janice Boekhoff, takes the reader on a journey in search of the Lost Dutchman mine. Who doesn’t dream of finding a lost gold mine?

The story is set in Arizona. Elery Hearst is haunted with guilt. Her mother left when she and her brother, Garrick, were young. Her father is ill with skin cancer. She is in charge of running their mining operations, and the business is on the brink of financial ruin. A tragic mine accident kills a miner. Elery wrestles with her culpability in the accident. If all that isn’t enough, Garrick goes missing while searching for the Lost Dutchman Mine. The sheriff brings in Lucan Milner and his trained dog for search and rescue. Elery and Lucan are surprised and uneasy to learn they will be working together in the search. Lucan is the twin brother of the miner who died in the mine accident. Lucan has to push aside his grief and anger to search in the vast and treacherous terrain for Garrick. Besides just the rough landscape, foul play is a possibility in Garrick’s disappearance. Illegal miners have been known to work the area and are often ruthless if stumbled upon.

Janice researched Jacob Waltz and the Lost Dutchman mine and used artistic license to weave a little of the mine’s legend through the story to add an intriguing layer. She has an Author’s Note at the end of the book that details the information she discovered in her research and when she utilized her imagination.

The Crevice provides plenty of personal struggles, suspense, and action to make it hard to put down. The story tests the characters with many common obstacles: betrayal, forgiveness, grief, and acceptance. I thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend the book.

Below is an Amazon Associate paid link to The Crevice.


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