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Bomb Cyclone

The recent bomb cyclone released devastating havoc on Sacramento, California, but luckily on the Southern Oregon Coast, we fared much better. We suffered little damage.

Before the sun came up on the morning of October 24, the wind howled and rain pelted the windows, suggesting we were in for a rough time. The screen to our sliding glass doors banged loudly as the wind whipped it back and forth. The waves crashed loudly against the sea stacks. We imagined the chaos we heard and were disappointed that it was too dark to witness the fury.

As daylight peeked over the horizon, nature quieted to some degree. The winds still bent plants and shrubs, but the screen door sat stationary. The ocean waves were higher and rougher than normal, but not as high was we were expecting based on weather predictions. Certainly not the highest waves we have seen.

Our property resides in a cove that faces southwest—more south than west—so we do not receive the full brunt of storms. This is good from a property protection standpoint. On the other hand, we do not observe the full force of the ocean when it is at its most exciting.

The cyclone did deliver quite a bit of rain and high winds. We were lucky. The worst damage on our property was the leaning pine tree—pictured at the left—that my husband planted last year, and a few broken tree limbs.

The ocean threw up debris and deposited several new logs on the beach. It is amazing when you consider the force of the waves that was necessary to force the logs over large rocks and drop them in some of their new resting places. In addition, the waves changed the beach topography as it piled rocks and sand in mounds along the beach. In some places the mounds buried good sized rocks while in other areas the waves uncovered large rocks. The ocean waves can totally change the appearance of the beach.

Most days when we walk the beach we see areas where the ocean remolds the beach, but especially so after storms. God never ceases to amaze me with the way He designed the world! May you notice His handiwork everywhere you look!


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