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Criss Cross by C. C. Warrens Review

My favorite suspense novels feature a MC who overcomes insurmountable odds and becomes a better person as a result. Holly Smith/Cross fits the description. C. C. Warrens takes readers on a wild ride in Criss Cross.

Trigger warning- Holly has suffered past abuse. The author presents enough information for readers to imagine what she has been through.

Holly is a survivor. I liked her despite the fact that she rashly put herself and those attempting to protect her in deadly situations. Holly accepted Jesus as her Savior after a personal experience with Him. Since she has an aversion to people and crowds, I assume everything she knows about God is what she learned from her experience and by reading the borrowed (never to be returned) Bible. She speaks of and to God internally several times in the book and makes a comment to Marx. I hope in a later book she will meet a Christian mentor and that she and Marx will have more in depth faith-based discussions.

Because of previous trauma, Holly distrusts most people and police in particular. She tends to shut down during times of stress and is an uncooperative almost hostile witness. Even though a police department would never provide the many man hours guarding an uncooperative witness/victim as the story indicates nor would they send a detective out of jurisdiction with said witness, putting her in danger, twice, I suspended my disbelief because it worked with the story and the story kept me engrossed.

I enjoyed Warrens imaginative metaphors, the snappy dialogue, and the bits of humor. I will read the next novel in the series.

If you enjoy a suspenseful novel and are not easily triggered, I highly recommend Criss Cross by C. C. Warrens.


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