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Dead Air: A Waco Mystery by Mary L Hamilton Book Review

Dead Air: A Waco Mystery by Mary L Hamilton is a riveting mystery that races the reader through a roller coaster of emotions along with Kit Spires. Kit questions if it is possible to love and hate her deceased husband at the same time. Evidence indicates Jeff, her husband, killed two people in cold blood and seriously injured one more before turning the gun on himself. How could he do that and leave her and their children to clean up the aftermath? She and her children wrestle with disbelief, grief, anger, shame, and guilt. To make matters worse, Kit learns Jeff withdrew the majority of their savings not long before the shooting. The family faces the judging eyes of those around them while trying to come to grips with the loss of their husband/father and the heinous crime everyone believes he committed. The realistic characters pull at my heart strings. Hang on to your seats and read the story to find out how it ends!

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