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Deception Island Review

Do you enjoy reading Sci-Fi?

Does the image of dinosaurs walking the earth during modern times get your blood pumping?

Then Deception Island: Jurassic Judgement Book 2 by Janice Boekhoff is a must read for you!

One of the books in the series was either a Carol or a Christy Award Finalist. More than one might have, but I just happened to see the awards finalist list where one of them was listed.

Important characters:

Oakley- Reptile expert wrongly convicted for her best friend’s murder, Oakley, chose to be banished to the prison island where the reproduced dinosaurs had been sequestered. On the island, she realizes electrical currents surge through her body when her adrenaline rises. The island holds clues to the origin of her power and the person who framed her for murder. The island is a dangerous place. Will her headstrong desire for answers be the death of her and/or those who try to help her?

Kaleo-Heartthrob Kaleo ended up as a prisoner on the island as a result of his involvement with the wrong people in his youth. With the influence of the missionary on the island, Kaleo surrendered his life to Christ, and truly repented. Now, he pretends to be a heartless gang leader while in actuality, he looks out for and protects island prisoners from each other. He has fallen for Oakley, and assists her in her quest for answers. Even though he loves her, he wants to prove her innocence to get her released from the dangerous island. He would rather she live safely without him than with him on the deadly island.

Cane-A Christian minister who voluntarily came to the island. He has a hidden cave where converted convicts can reside. He has a power to give off toxic gas when his adrenaline surges. He and Oakley seem connected through their altered DNA. Cane assists Oakley on her quest to find answers about the origin of her power, but he is not as interested in answers for himself. He is also attracted to Oakley, but knows that she has feelings for his friend Kaleo. Oakley senses that Cane is keeping a secret, but she does not press him regarding her suspicion.

Author Janice Boekhoff has created a fast-paced page turner!

Deception Island is available on Amazon.

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