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Don't Quit on a Bad Day-PCT Adventures

Returning to the PCT, lost some of its luster as Texas Time hiked alone. With the increased inland temperatures and water water everywhere, mosquito gear became a necessity as she hiked inland Oregon. The vampires of the flying insect world attacked every warm blooded creature with a vengeance.

Texas Times’ people experienced delays due to rain and thunderstorms. Fun times were not nearly as fun without her pack to share them. In the evenings at the campsite, she met and visited with fellow hikers, but it wasn’t the same. Instead of tagging along with a new group, she chose to recalibrate to a leisurely pace of only ten to fifteen miles a day to allow her people to catch up.

Without comradery, the constant hiker pains—back, knee, and foot—intensified. She contemplated turning in her hiking poles and heading home. But advice that she had read when researching thru-trail hiking nagged her, Don’t quit on a bad day. Quit on the best day. The moral—bad days are temporary, but if you still want to quit on a good day, it’s time to surrender your pack. Actually, this is solid advice for life in general. Don’t quit your job just because a co-worker makes you angry. Don’t file for divorce just because your spouse is particularly annoying today.

All readers who experienced the sweltering record-100-degree days in July will find it hard to believe that snow still covered the higher elevations when Texas Time arrived at Crater Lake on the Fourth.

Crater Lake—formed by a violent volcano eruption over 7000 years ago—is the deepest lake in the USA, and also one of the most pristine in the world. No streams or rivers flow into the lake. Rain and snow feed it, leaving the water extremely clear. Over the holiday, the park overflowed with visitors. After exploring the area and snapping pictures, she hit the trail and moved on to Diamond Lake where the camp grounds were also crowded, but she was able to share a campsite with three other hikers. She enjoyed their company while viewing the spectacular fireworks display.

Hallelujah! On July 6, she and her friends reunited! The heavens sang, the planets aligned, and all was right in Texas Times’ PCT world. The joy of hiking reignited, and the aches and pains faded to a nuisance level.

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