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Imagine a World Without God

The notion that a democratic nation would ever outlaw beliefs in a higher power seems unthinkable, actually impossible. But could it happen? Stretch the bounds of reality. How would a government gain enough power to strip religion away from its citizens? They would do it with the powerful motivator of fear.

What if a group of wealthy, influential individuals existed who believed that higher powers were a farce? These individuals would no doubt have ties with powerful government officials and media outlets. The media would bombard the airways with the idea that religions promoted hate and incited groups against each other. Then they would orchestrate violence and falsely blame various religious factions for the acts. After people were assaulted with misinformation over a period of time, they would start believing the lies were truth. As violence escalated, citizens would be afraid to leave their homes, and they would beg the government to free them from fear by outlawing religion.

The penalty for breaking the law would have to be severe to dissuade those who were devout to their religions from rebelling. Even if the penalty was death, many faithful would choose to pay the ultimate price for their beliefs. Some would choose to continue to worship their god in secret while gathering a militia to revolt.

Would a loving god abandon his people and allow them to be overthrown? If enough of his people refused to take a stand for him, he might allow them to be overthrown, but he would never forsake them. He would wait patiently for their return. In addition, he would communicate with and recruit those who were unfamiliar with him, but possessed a righteous heart.

Now imagine a world without belief in any religion. If you received a terminal medical diagnosis, there would be no hope. No hope that God might send a miracle healing your way. No hope that you would live in paradise after you succumbed to the condition. Would morality exist? The scenario evokes disturbing images.

My debut novel—The Lion Within—is my rendering of how such a world might look. Please subscribe to my email to be notified when The Lion Within will be released on Amazon.


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