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Review of An Unlikely Alliance by Toni Shiloh

As Jalissa Tucker wallows in grief over the loss of her father fifteen years before, she suffers from anxiety and misses out on current happiness. Flo—Jalissa’s emotional support golden retriever—helps calm her when anxiety attacks, but it is a temporary fix. (As far as I’m concerned, all dogs provide emotional support to their owners.)

After the Mayor of Bluebonnet, Texas, announces that the city will have to cut funding for several programs, including the animal shelter and the teen antibullying program, Jalissa and Jeremy Rider find themselves thrown together to raise funds to save the program that each of them considers indispensable. The problem is that they really dislike each other.

Toni Shiloh reminds us that even Christians need to ask God’s help to overcome heartbreaking events and to not misjudge others. Issues from their past haunt both characters and their harsh responses originate from a place of pain. Fear of being hurt causes them to guard their hearts and misinterpret the words and actions of the other.

As their big fundraiser approaches, Jalissa and Rider start to see each other in a different light, but then an unexpected revelation drives a wedge in their relationship. The person responsible for her unhappiness does not deserve forgiveness. Will she allow God to help her break free of the pain that has been holding her hostage?

Several of the characters’ lives were transformed by the love of God in this sweet romance. I recommend it.

Check out An Unlikely Alliance by Toni Shiloh.


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