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Review of Extinction Island by Janice Boekhoff

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

This is kind of a Jurassic Park meets X-men. Dinosaurs have been brought back from extinction, but they don’t play well with American citizens. The United States purchased Costa Rico, relocated the Costa Ricans, dug canals to isolate Costa Rico as an island, and then relocated the dinosaurs. To offset some of the costs of creating Extinction Island and to relieve the overburdened prison system, an option is given to death row inmates—immediate execution or to be exiled to Extinction Island.

Curious circumstances surround Oakley Laveau’s murder conviction. A man who might have been a witness to the murder for which Oakley has been convicted cannot be located. She has no memory of most of the evening of the murder. After receiving the death penalty, Oakley chooses to take her chances with the dinosaurs and convicted murderers on Extinction Island. The missing witness mysteriously turns up on Extinction Island. Between the inhabitants of the island—convicts and the dinosaurs—danger lurks around every corner. Genetic manipulations make for some interesting abilities in dinosaurs and humans.

The story is fast paced and thrilling. The characters are well developed and complex as they struggle internally with killing or be killed. Oakley gets caught up in a love triangle on the island. The story offers many surprising twists and turns. The book ends on a cliff hanger that leads into the second book in the series.

I thoroughly enjoyed Extinction Island and recommend it.

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