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Review of The Misadventures of Itchy Izzy by N.Y. Dunlap

N. Y. Dunlap created a clean, entertaining romance in The Misadventures of Itchy Izzy: A Second Chance Romance. The main characters deal with grief, betrayal, and forgiveness. The author weaves Christian principles throughout the captivating story.

As Isabell reels from the death of her mother, childhood friend, Peter/Pen, re-enters her life. Peter suffered abuse and betrayal at the hand of his family. Even though he carries scars, his faith in God grew stronger as he overcame his toxic family situation. While comforting Isabelle through her loss, Peter gently introduces her to God. She resists. He loves her, but will she accept God into her heart?


The characters are flawed and well developed. Stubborn and domineering family members complicate Isabelle and Peter’s relationship.


The author’s descriptions are fresh and creative. I enjoyed reading the story and recommend The Misadventures of Itchy Izzy, available from Amazon.



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