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Road Trip: Dream or Nightmare?

Do the words cross-country road trip conjure pictures of spontaneity and romance or send chills of fear down your spine as you imagine a nightmare from hell? Whichever it may be, remember: every great adventure starts with a questionable decision and ends with a fantastic story!


Almost 3,000 miles of fun.

Embarking on a 45-hour road trip with my adult daughter and her two furry escape artists may not be your idea of a dream vacation, but accompanying her cross-country as she dives into the next exciting chapter of her life is an honor. According to Google Maps, the trip canvasses 2,975 miles through 13 states, counting Oregon and North Carolina. Whew! Driving from Coastal Oregon to the middle of North Carolina, we literally will stop 214 miles short of driving from sea to shining sea!

Traveling under a deadline, limits our spur-of-the-moment side trips to short stops along our mapped route. Nonetheless, I intend to-

·       Enjoy the mother-daughter-bonding time.

·       Add five more states to the list of states I have visited.

·       Enjoy a respite from grocery shopping, cooking, dishwashing, and/or laundry duties for five or six whole days!


To make sure we can find pet friendly lodging the first night of our journey, I played a game of follow Google Map’s route to estimate where we will stop for the night. Eight hours of driving leaves us in the middle of nowhere, close to three small Nevada towns whose few hotels were already fully booked due to summer vacations and the July Fourth holiday. The first hotel with vacancies requires 10.5 hours of drive time. Unfortunately, that translates to at least 11.5 hours from our departure point. Does the thought of this exhaust anyone other than me?


I hope to blog pictures and updates about our escapades, but I probably won’t post them until we reach our destination and have access to a secure WIFI connection.


Prayer request.

Please pray for us to experience an uneventful trip, including that we not lose Scully and Mulder enroute. In addition, please pray we don’t end up on the national news, unless it is for a good reason. Like, we rescue Alan Ritchson or Chris Pratt from certain death, and said heartthrob is so grateful he insists on reading The Lion Within and Kill Shot, loves them, and turns them into blockbuster movies which he, of course, stars in.


Okay, back to reality. I need to go grocery shopping, make some meals to leave for my husband, throw some clothes in the washer, clean the bathrooms . . .

Angela Gold is an author of Christian Fiction.



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