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Sani: The German Medic by Aubrey Taylor Review

Aubrey Taylor does a beautiful job of demonstrating that as humans we are more similar than we are different, regardless of nationality or race.


Wars are ugly. I do not enjoy reading about the devastation they cause, but within the darkness there are many touching stories of the brave and honorable men and women on both sides of the conflict who sacrifice to protect their loved ones and homeland.  This book allows us a glimpse at some of these stories. The author balances the heartbreaking moments with heartwarming situations and lighter experiences also.


Frederick hadn’t been dealt the best hand in life. Before his birth, his father died in WWI, serving in the American forces. His grandparents on both sides had emigrated to the U.S. from Germany, and as a young man he felt drawn to visit and experience life in his ancestral country. He gets swept up into WWII and finds himself faced with impossible situations. Amidst the hopelessness, God is faithful and uses Frederick to shine His light in the darkness.


The book shares that God’s love, forgiveness, and salvation is for all people.


I enjoyed the nice unexpected twists, and watching Frederick’s journey from young, naïve man to mature Christian. I highly recommend Sani: The German Medic (Gott Mit Uns Book 1).


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