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Should You Vote When None of the Candidates Measure Up?

Don't place your hope in politicians. God is the One Who saves, not elected officials. Unlike Him, no politician is perfect. God can use anyone, even if they don’t follow Him. In chapters 44 and 45 of Isaiah, the prophet relates how God anointed and used Cyrus (a pagan king) to return a group of Israelites to Jerusalem to rebuild.


The 2024 election comes during a time of political volatility. I urge you to pray and vote in this election.


Below are some considerations God laid on my heart as I prayed about which candidates to support.


Citizens’ Rights.


Beware of any candidate who campaigns to remove any of our constitutional rights.


We don’t need to fear an enemy who invades our country with guns blazing. Citizens will rally against any attempt at a forceful takeover. The real terror lies with the charismatic leader who subtly convinces citizens we need a freedom removed for our protection. This deceiver starts with a less controversial liberty, but won't stop until the majority of our rights are stripped away.


Right to life.


An acceptable candidate should believe that terminating a fetus/life is not an acceptable form of birth control. Before participating in consensual sex, women and men should act responsibly and take measures to prevent conception. As an OB Gyn I know says, “If you are having sex and using no birth control, you are trying to get pregnant.”


Effective birth control is widely available, often for free, and condoms are an affordable option.


This discussion refers only to using abortion as birth control, not a pregnancy resulting from rape or a pregnancy that endangers the mother’s life.


Decrease Government spending.


Our government spending has gotten out of control. It is unfair to saddle future generations with the burden of paying off this mountain of debt they did not create. Support candidates who campaign to rein in governmental spending.


Our elected officials should concentrate on eliminating waste in existing programs as well as unnecessary and fraudulent spending. Incentivize government agencies to be fiscally responsible.


Government was created to serve the people, not support them. Work programs should replace doling out money with no strings attached. A government that monetarily supports its citizens also controls them.

There are many other issues to consider, but these are the three I feel God has most strongly impressed on me.


Prayer is crucial.


Candidates throw promises around like candy, making it difficult to discern if they say what they intend to accomplish in office, or simply blather about topics voters want to hear. Sometimes they have good intentions, but cannot follow through. This is why prayer is so important to guide us.


Be respectful of differences of opinion.


Political opinions can be polarizing. We may not agree on issues, but respect others rights to their opinion. You are more likely to change someone's mind when you treat them with respect. As Christians we should strive to act in a way that glorifies Christ.


Research and pray over the candidates and please vote as God leads you, so “we might live quiet God-like lives in peace.”


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Angela L Gold is a Christian Fiction Suspense author.


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