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The Clerics of the Light– Alpha Team: A Post-Apocalyptic American Revival Adventure by Deakon Reeves

This is an entertaining, clean, dystopian novel. The novel is suitable for adults, teens, or pre-teens.

The story takes place in the 2050s. Moral decay is rampant and the government of the United States is crumbling. The state of Texas rescinds the state’s original annexation to the United States from 1845 and declares itself a sovereign nation. The middle section of the US from Oklahoma north to Canada is occupied by conservatives who refuse to accept the changes that led to the collapse of the US government. The area is called the Badlands by the government. But the Badlands and Texas are more civilized than the remainder of the US where most local governments are run by corrupt officials. Since the US government’s military is substandard, they decline to use military force to bring Texas and the Badlands back into the fold. Travel outside of Texas and the Badlands is dangerous.

The Clerics of the Light is a revival team. The eclectic group of five each possess different gifts—Spiritual or technical—which are useful in answering God’s call. Many churches in what is left under US control have been taken over by profiteering charlatans. God leads the Clerics to various churches throughout the US in need of the true gospel. The Clerics are led to an Arkansas church. The false minister who controls the church is not about to allow some preachers of the gospel upset his cash cow. The Clerics had better watch their backs.

Having lived in Texas and Oklahoma most of my life, I did not have to stretch my imagination much to believe that Texas and Oklahoma could declare their independence under the proper circumstances such as presented in the novel. I would have liked if the author had given the Cleric’s some internal struggle. Maybe one or two of them would have trouble accepting God’s lead related to something they had dealt with in the past. This would have given the character/s an opportunity for spiritual and personal growth. Even so, it was an entertaining story. I plan to read the next book in the series. ~ Angela L Gold, author of The Lion Within

Click here to go to Amazon to check out The Clerics of the Light.

Click here to go to Amazon to check out The Lion Within.

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