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The Filbert Ridge Miracle by Tamelia Aday Review

Prepare yourself for an electrifying experience when you read The Filbert Ridge Miracle by Tamelia Aday. This suspense story will run your emotions through a wringer!


The McMillan family dances around their heartbreak as they grapple with the mysterious disappearance of two-year-old Stephen McMillan from a festival. How could he vanish into thin air? While facing every parents worst nightmare, the McMillans bury their feelings in an effort to move forward. But how can they heal without facing their trauma?

A stranger’s prophecy that Stephen will come home sustains Rose, his mother. But after a decade passes with no sign of Stephen and no new revelations, was the word really from God? And what would motivate anyone to utter such a promise if it wasn’t true?


In addition to dealing with his son’s disappearance, Patrick McMillan, pastor of The Lord is My Shepherd church, finds himself under fire from his own congregation over his evangelical ministry style. Miraculously, a parishioner returns to life in the church parking lot after Patrick’s young daughter, Alex, touches the man and prays. Instead of praising God for the event, many in the congregation reprimand Alex and the miracle. As the skepticism grows louder, Patrick turns the other cheek as the townsfolk criticize his family. But is his silence the best approach for his family and is it what God wants him to do?

The author’s refreshing writing style and complex and quirky family and church member characters make this a must read!

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