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The Visitor Plays a Game Review

Do you enjoy a good game of Clue or a Nancy Drew mystery?

The Visitor Plays a Game by Shawna Robison Young will be released on Amazon on May 12, 2023. The ebook is currently available for pre-order.

The Wright Foundation, run by Connie Wright, sponsors a fundraiser in her hometown. Connie's niece, high school senior Teagan Wright, has her sights set on following in her aunt’s footsteps and working for the foundation after college. She volunteers to organize the silent auction for the event.

As the event volunteers work on finishing touches, the normally quiet town is shocked by a hit and run accident leaving one of Teagan’s best friends in serious condition, a missing high school senior who happens to be Teagan’s nemesis, and a Jane Doe murder victim whose body is found close to the fund raiser location. Clues implicate several townspeople, including Teagan who appears to be the police detective’s prime suspect. Who can Teagan trust?

Connie has a knack for solving mysteries, so she and Teagan are determined to search for clues and solve the mystery to clear Teagan’s name.

So, pull out your magnifying glass, pull on your sleuthing cap, and see if you can figure out who hit Ty with the yellow mustang before Connie and Teagan do!

Several characters deal with life problems and misunderstandings. Teagan turns to God in prayer as she works through the situations. The crime scenes are not graphic.

A clean story for young teen readers who enjoy mysteries similar to the Nancy Drew series. Amazon carries several books in The Visitor series. Each of them is written by a different author.

The author provided an ARC copy. The review reflects my honest opinion of the book.


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